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ATHLETES – It isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!

McDonald’s Certificates (for all athletes)
Levels are achieved for personal improvement in event groups at specific levels set out by LAQ. For the first half of the season cards will be managed by the Registrar/Recorder each week and certificates presented to the respective athletes as they are achieved. After Christmas athletes are given their cards & encouraged to monitor their own progress on Results HQ. When they achieve a level they then need to present their card to our Registrar/Recorder & McDonald’s certificates can be issued accordingly and cards updated. Further details are on both our website and the LAQ website. Sample cards for Boys & Girls showing the green, red & blue levels are on display on our notice board for your guidance.

Athlete of the Month Award (Sponsor voucher)
Each month an athlete is selected by Centre Manager and Registrar and they will be presented with this award which is based on Improvement criteria and general sportsmanship to fellow athletes at Centre meets.

Encouragement Awards
(Guzman Y Gomez coupons) are presented to athletes who have shown improvement in their own performances and participation during the weekly meets within their specific age groups.   Vouchers are presented each evening prior to Warm Ups.

Athletes are encouraged to “BE YOUR BEST” and work on improving your own Personal Best Performances throughout the Season.

To be eligible for any of the end of season Centre awards an athlete must have participated at 75% of the Centre meets for the season and competed in 3 or more events weekly. Some awards have criteria set outside these guidelines. The Committee has final decision.

100% Attendance Awards
Athletes must have attended 100% of weekly meets competing in at least three events each week

Age Group Improvement Awards
These are presented at the End of Season Breakup each year to the Most Improved and Runner Ups in each age group. Encouragement medals are also presented to other athletes in the group who have met required attendance and participation eligibility.

Patron’s Trophy (U9 – U17)
The recipients of this award have attained the most Improvement points overall at Maroochy Centre in both Senior division (U12 – U17) and Junior (U9 – U11).

Centre Managers Encouragement Award (U9 – U17)
The recipient of this award competes with great sportsmanship and persistence. They are an ambassador to the Little Athletics philosophy of family, fun and fitness.

North Coast Trophies Award – Outstanding performance at State level
This award is presented to an athlete who has demonstrated outstanding performance at State Championships  (eg: selection in State team etc…)

The Tony Allen Memorial Trophy for Sportsmanship
Tony was a member of our Centre and specialised in race walking. He was selected and competed in the U/12 Qld State team in 1986. Tony passed away at the age of 13, due to an accident. He was a shining example of the Little Athletics philosophy, constantly displaying good sportsmanship.The recipient must have consistently demonstrated good sportsmanship to their fellow athletes. Selection is made by the committee.

The John Caffrey Memorial Trophy for Dedication
John was a role model to other Athletes at our Centre and displayed true dedication – living the LA Motto of Family, Fun and Fitness. John passed away after an accident in 1984 at the age of 13. The recipient must have demonstrated the same dedication to the Centre in his/her approach to Little Athletics as a sport. Selection is made by the committee.

Jessie Schroder Memorial Trophy (U6 – U8)
This trophy was first introduced in the 2008/2009 Season in memory of Jessie Schroder, an Under 6 Athlete at Maroochy Centre. Jessie was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumour – and passed away in January 2009. The trophy is awarded to an athlete in the younger age groups (U6-U8) who always tries their hardest, does it with a smile and embraces the Little Athletics Philosophy.

Alison Quirke Membership Award (U13 – U17) min 10 yrs)
Alison Quirke has been awarded Life membership of Australian Little Athletics and Queensland Little Athletics and is a founding member of Maroochy Little Athletics. She was actively involved with the Centre starting in 1981 as Secretary then as Centre Manager until 1996 when she joined the State Board as a Manager & later held the position of President LAQ from 2000 – 2008. She qualified in Coaching and Officials certification at both Centre and State levels.  Over the years Alison has been granted impressive awards in recognition for the dedication & service she has shown for the Little Athletics movement in Queensland & Australia along with her service to the sport locally on the Sunshine Coast.

This award is presented to an athlete from the U/13’s – U/17’s who has demonstrated long term membership (min 10 yrs) of Maroochy Little Athletics Centre and upholds the principles and philosophies of Little Athletics.

STATE AWARDS….criteria can be found on the LAQ Website

Laurie Baartz Award – (U9 – U17)
Criteria for this award is set out by the State Association and Maroochy Centre recognises an athlete whom they may have nominated for the State award.

George Harvey Leadership Award (U15 – U17)
Criteria for this award is set out by the State Association and Maroochy Centre recognises an athlete whom they may have nominated for the State award.

For your information Centre Records are listed in the Yearbook on our website and in ResultsHQ (under Centre Records). Performances are updated on ResultsHQ as they are achieved and revised each year in the Yearbook.

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