ATHLETES – It isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!

McDonald’s Certificates (for all athletes)
Levels are achieved for personal improvement in event groups at specific levels set out by LAQ. For the first half of the season athletes card’s will be managed by the Recorder each week and certificates presented as they are achieved. After Christmas, athletes are given their cards & encouraged to monitor their own progress on Results HQ. When they achieve a level they then need to return their card to the Recorder. McDonald’s certificates will be issued accordingly and cards updated. Sample cards for Boys & Girls showing the green, red & blue levels are on display on our notice board for your guidance.

Athlete of the Month Award all age groups (Sponsor voucher)
Each month an athlete is selected to be presented with this award based on improvement criteria and general sportsmanship to fellow athletes at Centre meets.

Encouragement Awards all age groups
(Guzman Y Gomez vouchers) are presented to athletes who have shown improvement in their own performances and participation during the weekly meets within their specific age groups. 

Athletes are encouraged to “BE YOUR BEST”.  Work on improving your own Personal Best Performances throughout the Season and particpate in all events.

CRITERIA for all Awards & Recognition of Performances

Guidelines: There are 5 events programmed for all age groups (except U6 who have 4) every week on a 4 week roster program and athletes are encouraged to participate in all events where at all possible.  This gives them more opportunity to attain their Personal Best performances, thus more improvement opportunity. Maroochy focuses on “Overall Improvement” throughout the season and Awards are based on this premise.

Main considerations are:               


EEncourage Event

I Improvement in Performance

OOngoing enjoyment of all events

U Understanding true Sportsmanship

To be eligible for “End of Season” CENTRE AWARDS an Athlete must have participated at 75% of the Maroochy Centre meets for the current season and competed in a minimum 3 events each week.

100% Attendance Awards – Open to all age groups

Most Improved – Winner & Runner- Up – Open to all age groups 

Patron’s Trophy – Highest Improvement Points – Junior (U6-U10) and Senior (U11-U17) age groups

North Coast Trophy Centre Award –  for Outstanding Performance at State Championships

Alison Quirke “10 Years” Membership Award  – (Plaque)  – this may not be presented some years

Tiny Tots – all athletes with consistent attendance in this age group will receive an “Encouragement medal”  Recommendation will be the responsibility of the “TT Co-ordinator”

Centre Manager’s Encouragement AwardJunior (U6-U10) and Senior (U11-U17) age groups

Tony Allen Memorial Trophy  for Sportsmanship – Open to U12 – U17 age groups
Tony was a member at Maroochy and although he participated in all events he specialised in Race Walking and was selected in the 1986 Qld State team for this event. Tony sadly passed away at age 13 years as a result of a vehicle accident.  He was a shining example of the Little Athletics philosophy, constantly displaying good sportsmanship.

John Caffery Memorial Trophy for Dedication – Open to U12 – U17 age groups
John was a role model to other athletes at Maroochy and displayed true dedication living the LA Motto of Family, Fun & Fitness.  His life was tragically cut short at the age of 13. His memory lives on through this trophy.

Jessie Schroder Memorial Trophy for Participation – Open to U6 – U8 age groups
Jessie was an Under 6 athlete who was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumour and passed away in January 2009  In accordance with LAQ philosophies we do not recognise Centre Records for these age groups. This award is presented to an athlete U6-U8 recognising their participation & personal improvement. 

STATE ASSOCIATION AWARDS – details of the specific criteria is on the LAQ website with Reference LAQ Awards booklet and the Centre committee:

George Harvey Award for “Leadership”

Laurie Baartz Memorial Trophy for overall improvement

Service Awards for Parent / Committee Volunteers

Maroochy Centre MAY acknowledge their nominee with a Certificate, however this is not mandatory.

State Team Selection – Athletes in specific age groups (U13 – U17) are eligible for selection in the LAQ State Team representing Queensland at the National Championships. To be eligible the athletes must have competed in a Minimum of 4 Centre meets.  The State Team is announced at the State Championships Information regarding criteria for selection can be found on the LAQ Website. 

CENTRE RECORDS – previously listed as Best Performances

As there are now more competitions available to our athletes, with varying track surfaces – synthetic facilities, electronic timing and improved technology it is time to acknowledge not only the new “HOME” Records at Maroochy Centre Competitions but also the “AWAY” performances that better the existing “Home” records.

New Centre Records for the previous season will be listed showing year of performance in the Handbook however, during the new season as records are achieved, they will be updated in the resultsHQ.

There will be a separate list of “AWAY” Records commencing as of 2017/18 season.

At end of season the Centre recognises individual performances from the Region Relays & Championships.

Historical Honour Board (Adults & Athletes) to acknowledge all past recipients of awards for Maroochy Centre these will be listed in the Handbook and updated annually. 

(Please note that some awards are no longer presented or athletes have not met the Criteria)

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