Maroochy Little Athletics Weekly Coaching

Wednesday afternoons from 4.00pm – 5.30pm on the oval. 
General Event Coaching – U9-U11

Thursday afternoon’s from 5.00pm – 6.00pm on the oval
Race Walk Coaching – U9-U17
Javelin Coaching – U11 – U17

Our Coaching sessions are *Free and on these days will cover specific areas according to the athletes needs and Coach availability. Please discuss your event preferences with our Centre Manager. Coaching is not compulsory; however we encourage athletes to attend to improve on their skill development and techniques in all events. This time is not for conditioning &/or training – Athletes can arrange this if they have an individual Coach outside of Maroochy Little Athletics. We will however, have specific Relay training prior to the Regional & State Relay competitions.

*Please note – Maroochy Little Athletics offers all our Coaching Sessions for Free to our registered athletes. We will not endorse or offer any other coaching paid or non paid in our Centre name. There will be times where we will share coaching opportunities seperate to Maroochy Little Athletics offered by other centres under the LAQ banner. 

Our Coaches are volunteering their time to assist and we ask that athletes and parents respect this and cooperate with the Coaches.
Athletes will be assisted with their basic techniques on competition nights as well.
The best coaches are more interested in their athlete’s well-being than whether they win or lose!

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